Marketing your Photography

If you are a photographer and want to market your photos, as with any other product or service available today, you will have to market them online for the best results. In order to market online you will have to create a photographic website and although WordPress may allow you to create your own, you may want to visit My Photo CTO as they will probably point out to you that the support services for photographers that use WordPress are not the best and are certainly far poorer than the owners of other types of website get from WordPress.

That is not to say that you shouldn’t use WordPress as it is perhaps the best software for creating websites and 50% of all websites online today were created with at least the assistance of WordPress however, the above website and perhaps others like it will tell you what aspects of WordPress are appropriate for photographers to use so that they will receive full support but, it may be better to download those aspects from the site as they have already made them compatible for other excellent software photographers often need.

If you want a photographic website though, creating a good website is only half the battle as if no one sees the website, it hardly matters how good it is and so you must ensure your website is visible online. Most people that have regular websites will have to seek the advice of professionals like SEO specialists or website developers to increase their websites visibility but websites for photographers, like the one above, also include SEO packages which are the best for photographic sites.

The three main tools which SEO specialists use are keywords, backlinks and PPC advertising in order to make a website more visible. To start with SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and really gets its name from the use of keywords which attract a search engine’s attention as it creates a list of search results. These keywords, which are placed in the text on websites, manipulate the search engine into placing the site which contains the keywords, at the top of its list of results. As you know, that list can contain hundreds of websites and so if your website is not placed at the top it may never get seen, even by someone actively searching for something you could provide.

Backlinks make use of other websites which accept hosting by placing a link to your site on those host sites. Of course though if the host site is for mechanics and yours is photography, not many people may use the link but if the host site is in any way related to photography, you could get many people following the link. The best results would obviously come if as well as being related to photography, the host site was already popular. PPC is regular adverts which you pay for either by per click on the host site or per click on your link.

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